Herbal Vape

Did you know that you could use your favorite vaporizers to vape your precise herbs as well.  Herbal vaping has become a popular way to get high on pot because it is odorless.  Those who vape their herbal herbs claim that it is better for you and taste better as well.

To vape one’s herbs, you need to grin your bud down to a powder like form and then fill it into the vaper chamber.  Then you just use it as if you were smoking anything else.  It might take a little bite for the vaporizers to vaporize your weed but the results are well worth the wait.

One of the attractions of vaping is that you can discreetly do it in public and at home without leaving any odors or getting your cloths and furniture to smell like pot.

Vapor Cigs Are Accepted By The Public

When it comes to vapor cigs, the public’s acceptance of them has been spotty.  Vapor cigs were a thing of taboo for a long while until people started seeing the benefits they offer smokers.  Vapor cigs do not give nasty 2nd hand smoke or leave a nasty odor that lingers for days and sometimes weeks.

Recently, I was on a trip with a vapor ecig user and we were in the airport.  I had my vapor e-cig in my pocket and my buddy had his hanging from the lanyard on his neck, out in the open for the world to see.  He was puffing on it in front of TSA and they never even gave him a 2nd look.  I started doing the same thing.  Puffing on my vapor e-cigarette like it was no big deal.  Eating in the airport restaurant and taking a few vapor electronic cig puffs with no one saying a word.

Its a new time for the vapor cig user.  With the e-cig being widely accepted, the skys the limit when it comes to the new found freedoms smokers are having.

Why Vapor Cigs are Better for you

Been a pack a day smoker for years like I have? I was then I decided to quit but cold turkey failed so I decided to give vapor cigarettes a try. Vapor cigarettes otherwise know as ecigarettes are a great way to quit smoking and increase your health but still be able to enjoy the act of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes use a battery to heat up liquid nicotine and vaporize it giving you your nicotine fix and smoking experience. You may see smoke coming out of an ecig but it is actually just water vapor so it is more like simulated smoking.

What I like best about vapor cigarettes is that you can really feel it and it is just like smoking but after just a few days your lungs will notice too. If you are going to continue to smoke, stop filling your lungs with tars and carcinogens and switch to vapor. I am convinced with in just a few days your lung capacity will increase and no more coughing and hacking in the mornings. Well at the same time you still get to smoke and enjoy having a cigarette.


Best Vapor Cigs for Beginners

Best Vapor Cigs for Beginners:

We are of the opinion that when you’re first starting in the world of vaping and electronic cigarettes the best vapor cig to choose is a disposable type that will allow you a chance to try out different kinds without a large cost investment.

They’re called disposable and their expected life span is less than a standard 510 electronic cigarette, but the battery can be recharged several times and the atomizer probably will last awhile. This will make the disposables an even better investment wince they will last a decent amount of time.

So if you’re looking to get into the world of vaping and want to try out an electronic cigarette without a big cost, you should definitely try out some disposable vapor cigs to see if they are the right choice for you.